You don't love God if you dong love your neighbor

14 Days of Romance; Day14, titled – When Love Leads by Tayoluyis.

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14 Days of Romance; Day14, titled – When Love Leads by Tayoluyis.

When love leads,
the crooked are made straight,
Visions regain clear sights,
Wisdom gets deeper insights.

When love pioneers,
It has no alternate versions,
It stays true in its main form,
Without seeking the releast one.

When love leads,
Bonds remain unbreakable
Mountains become mountable
Because nothing is impossible.

When love leads,
Families are surrounded by smiles,
That makes life worth living,
And the assurances given by loved ones.

When love leads,
The burdens of the world gets lighter
With people helping people,
Extension of kind gestures to incapacitated fellows.

When love leads,
The colour of your skin matter not,
Black, white, yellow or purple,
We still remain one in all,
With distinctive especial tone.

When love leads,
Leaders become listeners,
With burning interests of citizens,
At the detriment of their egoistic illiberality,
And the bigots of the muckamucks.

Permit love to take the leadership role,
With constant checking of our motives,
Showing love to your neighbor without expectations,
Giving love without borders from your heart.

14th February, 2019.

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14 Days of Romance; Day14, titled – When Love Leads by Tayoluyis.


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