Awo Hall on Fire

UI Awo Hall on Fire, Victim Reportedly Burnt.

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UI Awo Hall on Fire, Victim Reportedly Burnt.

Early this morning, a fire outbreak was said to have occurred at the Obafemi Awolowo Hall, one of the female hostels in the University of Ibadan which is fondly referred to as Awo Hall.

The tragic incident which took place in G block area of the hall was a case of fire outbreak.

However, few sources have shared a narration of how the incidence took to play but one which is verifiable attested that “a student in room G30 was cooking in her room when a loud bang and a scream was heard. The room was totally burnt and it also affected the next room a little”.

Nevertheless, the authorities of the University of Ibadan have responded to the incident and the fire department have been active in containing the fire.

Awo Hall on Fire

A picture of the room where the fire incident occurred in Awo Hall, UI.

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As reported, it is yet to be confirmed, the real cause of the fire outbreak. While some affirm that the fire was berth from a gas cooker, some opined that a stove must have parented the birth of the raging fire.

The victim is reportedly said to be burnt in the face and another source said she was not burnt in the face but at the hand and some other parts of the body. But the important part of the matter is that, she has been rushed to Jaja clinic; the University’s Medical Center, where she is currently receiving treatment.

In our attempts to verify the veracity of the cause of the outbreak, Luyis Updates NG spoke with one of the residence of the hotel who stays on the same floor and here is what she said:

The true story is she’s using one special kind of stove, so the kerosene finished while she was cooking, she wanted to top it up without switching off the stove that was when the thing exploded and made a very loud noise, it affected her

She ran out of the room cause fire caught her clothes by the time she was taking care of herself, the room was burning already

We pray for the victim’s full recovery and all thanks to the management for their prompt intervention.

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UI Awo Hall on Fire, Victim Reportedly Burnt.


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