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Story Lovers; Titled: My Dream, Vol 2, Chapter 15 by Fapohunda Bolanle.

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Story Lovers; Titled: My Dream, Vol 2, Chapter 15 by Fapohunda Bolanle.

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The government had not been stable for a while now and the people were panicking. The Prime Minister, seeing that something had to be done to save the kingdom from crumbling, summoned all the Minsters to the court for a meeting.

After he saw that all the Ministers had gathered, he immediately began, ‘We have no time to waste, the throne and the people have suffered so much lately and we cannot afford to put the people in confusion any longer. We have to crown our ruler as quickly as possible’.

Hearing that, the Ministers looked at each other in confusion, they wondered what the Prime Minister meant by crowning the next ruler, whether he had begun to covet the throne or not. Breaking the silence, he said, ‘Her Highness, Grace, has to be crowned ASAP! We need not to delay any longer, it is evident that she is the rightful heir to the throne. Anyone who doesn’t agree should speak up now!’

There was a minute of silence in the hall, the Ministers, as they always choreographed, turned to look at one another. ‘We agree with you, she is the rightful heir to the throne!’, one of the ministers said on behalf of others. The Prime Minister smiled in satisfaction and announced, ‘As a matter of urgency, Her Highness will be crowned in three days! Let us therefore prepare!’ The meeting was dismissed as work was allotted to each official and servant.

Miracle who had been waiting for his father at the entrance of the court, rushed over to meet him as soon as he saw him coming out of the court. ‘So, father, what was concluded? What are they planning to do with Grace?’ he asked impatiently.

‘Stay calm, Miracle, her coronation is in three days’ Miracle’s father said with a faint smile. Miracle could not believe his ears, he never thought things would go smoothly for them, he hugged his father in jubilation and hurried to give the good news to others.

After Miracle had taken the good news to his comrades, rigorous preparations started towards Grace’s coronation, she would not be allowed to see any of her friends till after the coronation, including Miracle. They decided to spend a quality time with her before leaving her temporary quarters. The following day, Grace was taken through various trainings in preparation for her coronation.

Miracle, longing for Grace, decided to go to her quarters. Peeping through her door and merely seeing her face would calm his aching heart. He therefore set for her temporary quarters, and as he was walking towards the door, his heartbeat suddenly increased its pace. ‘Will you stop this? Its humiliating enough that I can’t think straight because of her now.’ He warned his heart.

He got close to the door, pushed it slightly opened and alas there his medicine was, staring into a mirror and appeared to be lost in her own thoughts. He smiled delightedly, seeing Grace was doing well on her own.

Suddenly, he started hearing footsteps behind him and turned to see who were coming. However, the place suddenly became quiet, the footsteps stopped and no one was in sight. Immediately, he remembered that the guards who were stationed there were nowhere to be found and the place seemed ominously quiet. He cautiously closed the door, and as he was moving away from the door, he stumbled on something that seemed like a body.

It was dark, so he bent towards the body to take a quick look and noticed a dart on the neck of the dead body. He suddenly knew there was a security breach and stood firm by the door, guarding it. Then, ten armed men appeared with their face covered, they seemed to be assassins sent from Judith.
Right from exile,

Judith had secretly gathered few men and had ordered them to assassinate Grace before her coronation. She could not accept defeat from Grace and had promised herself to avenge all her pains.

At first, a wave of fear swept through Miracle’s heart as he had not expected such and was definitely with no weapon to protect himself. On his first thought, he quickly moved closer to the assassins to prevent them from coming closer to the door. In a minute, he took on two of them and eventually getting himself some weapons. After so much combat, he realized he had taken care of the ten of them.

Breathing heavily, he tried maintaining his balance on the ground with a sigh of relief when suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his right arm. He checked and noticed he was stabbed there, he cursed under his breath. As he was about to turn, he was knocked to the ground.

He tumbled twice on the floor, and after trying to make himself balanced, he saw another set of ten men in front of him. He immediately got on his feet, as he turned to guard Grace’s door, one of the men swung his sword in an attempt to pierce Miracle’s abdomen. Reflexively, Miracle dodged the sword, he turned skilfully and manipulated the man’s sword to kill him.

After taking down one of them, the rest seemed to be angry as they all charged at him at once. After trying all he could to fight them off, his strength seemed to be failing him. He then noticed two of the men running towards the door, he picked up two big stones and hurled them at the men, knocking them to the ground. He immediately ran as fast as he could past them and stood right in front of the door, making sure they never got the chance to go in.

Strategically, the men began to attack Miracle one after the other. Not long after, Miracle’s weapon unfortunately fell from his hands as he was about to ward off all swords coming his way. As he was trying to bend down to pick up his sword, two swords pierced through his lower abdomen. Before he could move a finger, someone hit his head with something that felt like a stone. With no further defence, he slowly fell to the ground.

Before the men could do anything further, a group of palace soldiers were already running towards them. The palace soldiers were too close that the assassins had no chance to go in to Grace. Seeing that their chance of survival was too slim as the palace guards outnumbered them, they escaped over the fence as fast as they could.

Leading the guards was Tony, who overhearing someone reporting to the guards that there was a security breach at Grace’s quarters, immediately joined them. He rushed over to Miracle who was bleeding out by the door. He bent over him with Miracle’s head resting on his laps and coughing out blood.

Tony became immediately disoriented, he kept urging Miracle to stay alive, with tears rolling down his cheeks. He looked towards the door and thought Grace could hear the noise outside and decide to take a look, but it would be a bad idea for her to see Miracle in such state. He gestured to one of the guards to help carry Miracle away from Grace’s quarters. He requested for a thorough investigation which was immediately attended to.

After Grace’s coronation the next day, she immediately couldn’t endure waiting to see Miracle any longer. She did not see him during the coronation at all which really felt weird to her. She looked around so many times that the priest once complained to her to concentrate. In her new quarters as the Queen, she refused to sit and was moving round the room as her attendants kept pleading to her to be calm and rest, though they had no idea what had gone wrong with her.

After moving round the room for about an hour, biting her right index finger, she ran out of the room intending to go look for Tony and ask him for Miracle’s whereabouts. Just outside her room, she met Tony, also coming to her, but looking a little sick.

‘I’m so killing Miracle when I see him! Where on earth is he now that I need him?!’ She yelled at Tony who in response just shook his head. “You know what? I’m looking for him everywhere…I’ll go out in the streets if necessary!’ she said as she rushed out of the quarters. Tony ran after her, urging her to calm down, but she stopped and said amidst tears, ‘I miss him, Tony. I need Miracle right now, where is he please?’ Not knowing what else to say, a tear rolled down Tony’s cheeks.

Grace was perplexed as to what wrong with him. ‘Miracle died last night’ Tony said with a broken voice. ‘I’m sorry. He protected you with his life, while you were unaware’, he said crying and attempted to hold Grace’s arm. Grace shoved his hand away and warned him never to make such jokes, but was answered with Tony’s continuous weeping. ‘ tell me its all made up…’ she said moving backwards in a slow motion. She swallowed a voluminous amount of saliva and said, ‘Where is he?’

She was taken to where Miracle’s corpse was, lying on a high table and covered with a white linen. She moved closer slowly, swallowing her saliva profusely, removed the cloth covering the face and saw Miracle lying lifeless, as white as snow on the table. She nodded slowly, with no tears on her face and suddenly ran out of the room.

She kept running through the streets at full speed, with her shoes off, wailing loudly. All her attendants kept running behind her, pleading to her to stop. Tony also ran towards her as he kept shouting and also begging her to stop. After a while, Tony caught up with her and got hold of her arms. She kept fighting him to let go, but he refused. In the course of fighting her way out of Tony’s grip, she began to hit him hard in the face.

Tony, however, kept enduring the pain of her beatings as he refused to let go of her. Finally, when she had lost all her strength, she slid towards the floor and sat there wailing, Tony also weeping beside her.

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About The Author
My Dream
The author; Fapohunda Bolanle.

Fapohunda Bolanle Busola is a 400 level student of Classics department, University of Ibadan. She is a fine artist, footballer and a writer with particular interests in Prose and Drama.

IG: fapbolchris
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Story Lovers; Titled: My Dream, Vol 2, Chapter 15 by Fapohunda Bolanle


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