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Story Lovers; Titled: My Dream, Vol 2, Chapter 12 by Fapohunda Bolanle.

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Story Lovers; Titled: My Dream, Vol 2, Chapter 12 by Fapohunda Bolanle.

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Bitterness was etched in the heart of Princess Judith. Things have taken a drastic turn for her as she had to shoulder the responsibilities her father left behind. She had to take up the throne as it could not be left vacant and the people without a ruler.

There was definitely no problem with Judith taking up the throne, being the only child of her parents, her gender really did not matter. Words about the death and funeral of the king got to Grace and her comrades. Spontaneously, they knew that Judith would be crowned Queen.

As the preparation for the coronation of Judith was on going, Grace and her comrades were also busy with their plans to start their discreet investigations within the walls of the palace. They planned to get to the root of the whole secret behind the death of her father and about her grandfather, the king before Judith’s father.

On the day of Judith’s coronation, their discreet investigations began. They began to meet with everyone who was in one way or the other connected to the various crimes of the previous king. Subtly, they began to gather pieces of information. After a few days of the coronation, Princess Judith who was now Queen Judith began to wonder why there was silence on the part of Grace. For the past few days, she had known peace. Wouldn’t Grace be disturbed and furious that she had the throne now? Wouldn’t she fight back? she wondered.

Just in the middle of those thoughts, she became suspicious. She knew Grace could be full of deceptive measures. She then decided to find out what Grace had been up to recently. Soon, she discovered that Grace was conducting a secret investigation, visiting witnesses homes.

As though the servants that brought her the report had slapped her on the face, she became furious. Immediately, she ordered that the witnesses be killed. She eliminated all the witnesses, those Grace had visited and those she was likely to visit.

When Grace learnt that the Queen had eliminated all their witnesses, she became heartbroken. “Now that she had killed them all, what am I going to do?” she lamented. “Now there is no way to get to the root of everything…there is no way…” she continued as Miracle cut in “Have you forgotten that you’ve got us? We are here for you, aren’t we?” “Oh yea!

I know a man” Timi voiced out as they all turned to look at her. “I remember an old man I came in contact with, he once helped me when I was wandering the forest. He was the physician of the king before Queen Judith’s father” she said. They all seemed very interested in their only option which seemed like it could solve all their problems.

“Then we have to look for the man as quickly as possible” Tony said. They needed to act fast before it was too late. Grace was beginning to fear that Queen Judith would keep growing in power everyday as she was very amitious and determined and she might be left powerless.

“Timi, you have to take us to the man now!” she ordered. “What if two of us go and get the man? It might not be safe if we all go. We need to be cautious” Timi suggested. “Well, yea, I think that isn’t a bad idea. And i’ve got something to show you guys too. A very very useful tool” Miracle said as he brought out a recorder from his pocket.

“What is that” Grace asked. “This is a recorder. It contains useful information” he replied and smiled. He had recorded the testimonies of the royal guards he had once interrogated about the dirty works of Judith’s father. It also contained the confessions of Queen Judith. Miracle had recorded her words when she had unknowingly revealed her father’s secrets to Grace’s face when they kidnapped her.

“Oh my God” Grace said repeatedly as she stood up in disbelief staring lustfully into Miracle’s eyes until Tony’s stare forced her to blink. “I think now we have all we need. We just need to get the physician too and present this at the court…Then, Judith will be ruined. Her bad blood will be washed away from the throne” Tony said with a smirk.

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© Fapohunda Bolanle
About The Author
My Dream
The author; Fapohunda Bolanle.

Fapohunda Bolanle Busola is a 400 level student of Classics department, University of Ibadan. She is a fine artist, footballer and a writer with particular interests in Prose and Drama.

IG: fapbolchris
Facebook: Fapohunda Omobolanle Christianah

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Story Lovers; Titled: My Dream, Vol 2, Chapter 12 by Fapohunda Bolanle


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