My dream

Story Lovers; Titled: My Dream, Vol 2, Chapter 10 by Fapohunda Bolanle.

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Story Lovers; Titled: My Dream, Vol 2, Chapter 10 by Fapohunda Bolanle.

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Princess Judith exhaled softly as she opened her eyes slowly to two pairs of eyes staring at her from across the balcony. She could hear indistinct chatter as she recognized Tony and Timi. She winced in fear, trying to still the trembling in her stomach.

She glimpsed around, disquieted by her surroundings. Despite the grandeur of the duplex itself, there were no gardens. The whole area around the house was bare, all she could only notice was the sight of uniform green grass which looked well nurtured. She felt as though she had entered a fortress.

Just then, Miracle came. Seeing Miracle, she gave a sigh of relief as she ran towards him immediately and embraced him. “Miracle!”, she said. Tony gave Miracle a smile of mockery. Suddenly, Princess Judith withdrew as she began to wonder why and how Miracle was present there. “What are you doing here?”, she asked. Miracle uttered no word as he made way for Grace to enter.

As soon as Princess Judith spotted Grace, her jaw dropped in surprise. She stood still as though cowed with terror until Grace came close.

“Hi”, Grace said as she got herself a wooden chair and also offered the princess a chair. Stupefied, the princess obediently sat on the chair as Grace had ordered. For a few minutes, they were both quiet, staring at each other. “And you think after all these you will go without being punished?” Princess Judith said, clenching her teeth. Grace’s mouth curved, looking straight into Princess Judith’s eyes, she said, “No. Its time for me to punish and not to be punished. I’m taking back what is rightfully mine – the throne” “Wha..what?” Princess Judith asked as a jolt of adrenaline flooded her, stiffening her muscles.

“You’re wrong. You have no claim to the throne!…I’ll see to it that you fail and fail and continue to fail!” the princess said. Grace scoffed. She was surprised to see how much the princess had changed.

The soft and loving Princess Judith now acting like a typical villain with no trace of softness in her. She remembered when she first met the princess who was at that time naive. The princess loved her as a sister and esteemed her over all other slaves. In fact, she was more of a princess than a slave. The memory of that time fuelled her anger.

“I loved you…Your Highness. And because of that, I am giving you a chance to peacefully persuade your father and let me have what is mine”, Grace said. The princess scoffed and said more assuredly that she had no intention of persuading her father to leave the throne for Grace.

“You barely take care of yourself and you dare dream of managing the throne and the entire kingdom? Do you even know what it takes?” the princess said. “Even my father had to engage himself in illegal trading, human trafficking and all the likes in order to keep the throne and manage the officials. And a tiny lazy thing like you who doesn’t have anyone, not even parents think you can manage the throne?” Princess Judith said laughing out loud. Grace clenched her fists in front of her.

There was a stubbornness in the princess she knew could never be broken. She looked at Miracle and said, “Take her away”. Miracle gestured to Tony and Timi who were standing across the balcony as they came closer.

They put a blindfold on the princess and took her away. They dumped her very close to the palace gate and escaped to their hideout unnoticed.

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© Fapohunda Bolanle
About The Author
My Dream
The author; Fapohunda Bolanle.

Fapohunda Bolanle Busola is a 400 level student of Classics department, University of Ibadan. She is a fine artist, footballer and a writer with particular interests in Prose and Drama.

IG: fapbolchris
Facebook: Fapohunda Omobolanle Christianah

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Story Lovers; Titled: My Dream, Vol 2, Chapter 10 by Fapohunda Bolanle


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