The Snake Jamboree and the Magical Glasses

The Snake Jamboree and the Magical Glasses, Written by Jemiluyi Omotayo; Tayoluyis. [E04]

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The Snake Jamboree and the Magical Glasses, Written by Jemiluyi Omotayo; Tayoluyis. [E04]


I got fagged out after the familiar discourse that occurred during dinner last night. I woke up very early with a perceptible smile hovering over my face that I have secured their pass to go on this expedition.

I checked the time and it was just 5:45 a.m. Too early, what will I have myself do? Today’s Class is starting by 10:30 a.m and I don’t seem to be receiving any positive signal to return to the special world anytime soon and if probably I can, then get up by 8:30 a.m.

Since I couldn’t catch some Z’s, I decided to put on my computer, login to my Facebook account to see if there are some friends online to pass away some time with. I did as I had orchestrated and got my account logged in. I checked the list of friends online and I only saw a couple of friends whom I don’t really relate an intimate discourse with. I logged out immediately and shutdown the computer.

Without any other considerable option, I opined to lying down and shutting my eyes to relax my mind for a few minutes, but to my startle, it was mum’s unrelenting and soft tappings that woke me up from bed.

“Wilson, Wilson, this is 9:25 a.m already, are you not going to school?” she queried. I thought I was having a motherly dream until she gave me an acrid smack that booted me to earth.

As I regain my consciousness, my eyes got connected with the wall clock I had hung on the wall and it was already 9:27 a.m. “Oh my God” I shrieked, jumped up and made my way to the bathroom immediately, I had even forgotten to greet mum who had been making unsullied efforts to command my cognizance to the mortal world.

“Good morning mum” I said with a toothbrush hanging in one of the corners of my mouth in the bathroom “Good morning son” she responded as she finds her way to the door. I brushed my teeth in a flurry and unleashed the pleasurable drops on body.

Cindy had called last night with a stern warning to be in school as early as I could be to see Professor Marcs for an interview before he could let me in on the expedition formally. His class is starting by 10 a.m today and I have to be in school at least 20 mins before his class commences.

I rushed out of the bathroom, packed my books swiftly and rummaged my wardrobe to get a nice outfit on. After adorning myself with a polo and a jacket, I took my bag and scaled downstairs to bid goodbye to mum.

“Mum I’m sorry I can’t wait to eat breakfast”. She gave a smile and stretched a portable food flask to me, she had already packaged my morning food. Mom will never allow me to go to school on an empty stomach and as at such, she would always ready my morning meal at the just hour before I leave for school. “Thank you mum, I love you”. I gave her an impeccable kiss on the forehead and babied the flask in the bag I was carrying and took my journey to school. “Be safe son”, she says as I drove off in my car.

I arrived a little bit late in school, it is 9:46 already and Cindy couldn’t stop calling every minute to ask where I was. I got out of my car and ran towards Professor Marcs’ office. Irate Cindy was already at the staircase like she was waiting for the groom’s arrival at an auspicious occasion.

Expecting her to unleash her disapproval in my unwarranted lateness, I pleaded, “I’m so sorry for being late Cindy” She gave me a tight hug instead like a lover that had gone for so long and had just returned. She walked me to the Professor’s office and again, my heart was beating faster than usual.

She noticed and told me to calm down that she had already spoken about it with him and I just had to present myself formally before him, “Just calm down Wilson, it is nothing serious.” She concluded as she opened the door to the Professor’s office as I walked solitary to meet the Don on my own, my final ticket to be on the expedition. But, will I pass this man’s test at all if there’s any?

To be continued….


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The Snake Jamboree and the Magical Glasses, Written by Jemiluyi Omotayo; Tayoluyis. [E04]


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