The Snake Jamboree and the Magical Glasses

The Snake Jamboree and the Magical Glasses, Written by Jemiluyi Omotayo; Tayoluyis. [E03]

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The Snake Jamboree and the Magical Glasses, Written by Jemiluyi Omotayo; Tayoluyis. [E03]


I put on a pseudo smile as I walked to meet mom and dad. A bit digression from Dad’s elated mood alerted me that he knew something was wrong as my eyeballs came in contact with his.

“Hey Wilson, what’s bothering you? Did something go wrong?”
“No dad, I’m okay, I’m just a bit stressed out”. I responded and stole a brisk surreptitious glance at mum. She was looking at me like she was trying to read my mind.

“Mum, why are you looking at me like that?” I had to let out my voice this time or I get drowned in this languor before even making an attempt to swim through. She looked at me more, held my head closer, looked into my eyes like she was going to make a love confession to me and said “You’re just so handsome Wilson”.

It felt like she poured liters of sedateness in my burning mind as I managed to regain my coolness, just a bit. Dad was all along staring at the two of us while the whole mother and son drama was going on until he interrupted with, “can we eat now please?” From nowhere, a spirit came upon me and I said NO!, Mum was not even able to finish her yes of cour… “Young man, what’s the problem? I knew something was bothering you right since I saw you” dad said. I looked at him, and at mum. Now I have the attention of both but I have a problem.

I’ve been jilted by this voice that impelled me to say no. I need that intrepid voice to polish the work it had earlier instigated. What a sudden betrayal and now I can’t reverse the atmosphere I had created, tense and full of expectations. Both of them were looking at me like they were expecting the misty dew to let loose his “kept cool”. Well, I have no choice, I’d rather die once now than to die a thousand death.

“Mum, Dad, I need to tell you something”. It seems I had further increased the volume of their attention as I could notice dad adjusting his seat and mom was making effortless efforts to await the bus arrival to the bus stop before she alights with her “luggage”.

It shouldn’t be a big deal telling them I was going out with some friends but being the only child had zeroed all potent narcissistic play as both parties are looking up to the only “me”. I tried to gather the little confidence I could find around and prepared my voice like I was testing a mic.

“Dad, I need yo..” A call entered dad’s phone and interrupted the aura I had attempted to recrudesce. To my amazement, dad ejected the call and returned his gaze on me. God, what kind of evil spirit is this. Dad is a businessman, he would hardly reject a call like that. Whether I like it not, I must surely make it rain today. “Mum, Dad, I’m invited to go on a scientific expedition in school and I’ll need your permission to follow through”.

Do you know the kind of relief you get when you finally let out the pee that you’d been holding all along? Yeah, that’s exactly how it feels to finally let out the air with just those few words phew.

“Oh my God Wilson, is that the reason why you put us up so tensed?” Mum tackled my superfluous conduct and with a sigh of relief, she added “I was thinking you were going to say you impregnated a girl or you have a serious problem in school”. “No mum, I don’t even have a girlfriend and school is fine.” I responded crisply.

Dad was still looking at me and when he was closed to assert his locution, a call interrupted again and this time, he picked the call. “Thank goodness, the tension seems to be fair now” I said to myself.

Dad concluded his discussion on phone and was ready to air his contribution. “Okay Wilson, but, the last time I checked, you’rrrre not a Science student, did you get transferred or what?”
“No Dad, actually, it was my friend who invited me”
“Oh, is it Cindy?” he pestered further
“Yes sir, she told me I could come along and I could make a story from the voyage” I replied trying to depict that my intents weren’t in anyway intertwined with emotional attachment but mum was already having a docile laughter. It was egregious that she was really battling to keep herself from bursting into a coarse laughter.

Maybe she had seen the way I’ve always looked at Cindy, she’s no stranger to the family anyways. We grew up together and her mum has a good relationship with mother.
“Oh, I see” Dad voiced like he knew already what the whole plan was. He stood up and patted me on my back “Son, no problem, just make sure you are safe on the trip and next time, man up so you don’t fidget too much over little expressions.”

“Okay shall we eat now?” mum interrupted with a smile and in no time, the spoons started dancing.

To be continued….


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The Snake Jamboree and the Magical Glasses, Written by Jemiluyi Omotayo; Tayoluyis. [E03]


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