The Snake Jamboree and the Magical Glasses

The Snake Jamboree and the Magical Glasses, Written by Jemiluyi Omotayo; Tayoluyis. [E05]

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The Snake Jamboree and the Magical Glasses, Written by Jemiluyi Omotayo; Tayoluyis. [E05]


I walked in to the Professor’s office gently, with my head held up high and shut the door quietly as I entered. I adjusted my collar and ensured I was well dressed so I won’t at least get disqualified before the “talk” commences. I don’t know what Cindy had earlier discussed with him but to be sincere, I’m a bit frightened.

I’ve only met Professor Marcs once and that was in the school library when we had a little chitchat on a particular sci-fi novel. Though he was a bit friendly but, that isn’t enough to convince me of his conviviality. I walked slowly and cautiously to him, stood at his front and greeted him meekly, “Good morning Sir”.

He raised his head up from the book he had been writing, pretending as if he had never heard of footsteps Do re mi of someone in his office. He looked at me and adjusted the spectacles hanging on his nose.

He gave a queer smile, focused on me intently and uttered “How may I help you please?” I stood firmly like I was responding to a soldier, adjusted my vocals cabalistically, ignited my nerve and powered my voice.
“I am Wilson McCarthy, Cindy said I’m to see you for a brief interview to be included on the expedition team Sir.”

“Oh, Mr McCarthy, good to see you. I’ve heard quite a lot about you. I’ve seen your grades and they’re quite impressive”
“Thank you very much Sir Professor” I responded with a cheerful and composed smile
“So Wilson, do you know what this expedition is about?” Professor’s question kept me numb and deaf-muted simultaneously.

I kept rummaging my thoughts to see if I could give him a veritable answer but I’ve got no clue. I had forgotten to ask, even Cindy had forgotten to fill me in on the details of the expedition. Oh God, could this be the end? After I had gained his interest at first sight?
“Mr McCarthy, did you hear my question?” he repeated his question and this time, he was frank.

“Actually sir, I don’t really know the details of the expedition but she did told me I could explore my writing skills if I go on this expedition and this was what motivated me”
“Oh, I see. She never told you right?” He looked at me grimly and I felt like a cretin. I messed up, I should have at least enquired about the full details before I danced to the front of a professor for an interview with a clueless mind.

“Well, let me save you your time Wilson McCarthy. We’ll be going to Gogora Island in West Indies to study the snake reactions on the habitation and their mutual receptions to our snake species.” I was dumbfounded after he told me that. As much as I try to cancel my bewilderment, he could notice I was swept off with the word “snake”.

He was still gazing at me and then he concluded, “If you’re still interested in the voyage, meet me in my office on Friday by 3 p.m to put down your signature, we move on Saturday morning and, don’t be late again” he concluded and asked me to shut the door on my way out.

What will I do now? Will I still be able to go on this expedition with them? Why didn’t Cindy tell me all this before? What if I got killed by a snake? or, what if we got attacked out of the blue? these questions kept infiltrating my mentation as I walked out of the Professor’s office like a retard.

To be continued….

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The Snake Jamboree and the Magical Glasses, Written by Jemiluyi Omotayo; Tayoluyis. [E05]


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