The Snake Jamboree and the Magical Glasses

The Snake Jamboree and the Magical Glasses, Written by Jemiluyi Omotayo; Tayoluyis. [E02]

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The Snake Jamboree and the Magical Glasses, Written by Jemiluyi Omotayo; Tayoluyis. [E02]


As soon as I left the library, all that filled my thoughts was the beautiful moments I would be able to spend with Cindy if I go on this expedition with her. I became a sudden gigglemug with a beautiful smile flowing all over my face like a river who had just found its long lost source.

Just few hours ago, I was reading about a famous magician who was a gigglemug, he had this smiling face all the time that some folks considered him to be queasy. It’s Incredible how rapid I’ve got transmitted to such a state. “Well, this is how love makes you feel, and if I be a love fool, I’ll still have this love full” I said to myself, still smiling.

I never knew I had spent so much time at the library and when I checked the time, it was already getting late. I packed my bags and planned my way home. I first thought of bidding goodbye to dear Cindy but I shouldn’t be much a fool as I already was, so, I called a cab and tailored my way home.

I arrived home around 6:30 pm and Mom was already in the kitchen making dinner. It was crunchy fried potatoes again, my favorite meal. I gave her a dulcet and short kiss. “Hi mom, today was….”, She slipped a piece into my mouth like she was trying to keep a witness from speaking against her in the court, “hmmm, mum this is exquisite” she gave a genuine faint smile and uttered “welcome home son”, it’s her usual style of welcoming me home anytime I meet her at the kitchen.

“Go drop your bag upstairs, your dad would be home soon”
“Oh, that’s cool”, I responded with an equivocal accent, should I seek for their permission when they’re together now or shall I wait till tomorrow morning? I kept my consultation with my thoughts as I climbed the stairs to my room.

As I got to my room, I slumped on my bed like I was offloading my perplexity. Sometimes I wish I was a bit chutzpah and I could easily verbalize and evince my intents. After spending a clueless 25 mins in bed, I sluggishly activated my motility and get some splashes of water dripping all over my body.

As soon as I got out of my room and took my path downstairs, guessed who I saw? It was Dad. He was having a keen fluffy discourse with his sweetheart.

The both keep growing fond of each other day by day and I keep winning their love as the only child. I couldn’t stop thinking of how I would relate this “expedition” to them. I am no where near a scientist, what would they expect a Literature student like me doing on a scientific expedition! Oh God, I never even asked what the expedition was about.

Cindy is an animal scientist, she had developed this fondness and piquant inquisition with animals right since she was little. What if we are going to meet some lions and tigers in a thick forest, what if…., what if it is a very risky outing and she just needed me to protect her? before I could ruminate a tangible excuse to procure my pass chance, I heard a loud
yelling of my name, it was mum, time for dinner I guess, but, how will I convince these people? I sank at my mild hopelessness as I made my way down the stairs slowly to meet the two cardinals.

To be continued….

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The Snake Jamboree and the Magical Glasses, Written by Jemiluyi Omotayo; Tayoluyis. [E02]


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