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Poem: Your love means everything to me by Ireti Falaiye

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Poem: Your love means everything to me by Ireti Falaiye

In the cold of the night
Without you here by my side
My world stand still and everything intolerable
I miss you my love
And wish for you to be here with me

My whole world feels empty without you
I’m helplessly craving for what we share together
This distance
This bridge between us
Makes it unbearable as the day goes by

I want you here with me
By my side
To whisper your lovely words of sweet nothing
And watch me fall asleep in your arms
Like the other nights before

I miss you

As the leaves on the trees rustle by and by the cloud mumbles before the sky is delivered of her blessings
It’s effects leaves me unprotected for days like a young chick without it’s mother care

You are here in my heart with good sweet memories to hold on to
These I keep safe in my thoughts as replayed memory each time I miss you
Till when next I feel you again

Don’t be long gone love !

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About The Author

Your love means everything to me

The author; Falaiye Ireti.

FALAIYE Ireti is a student of the department of European studies, German unit in University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. She is a lover of books, languages and songs. She is also a poet and an OAP.

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Poem: Your love means everything to me by Ireti Falaiye


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