Poem:- DESERTED by Joshpenz

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Poem:- DESERTED by Joshpenz

Her confidence stammers as she dies in silence.
Pain tears down the walls of her heart,
as she wastes away in the alleys of solitude.
Sadness seems to be the taste on her tongue
and fear,the breath in her nostrils.

No one to heal the wounds engraved in her heart.
No one to soothe her back with a pat.
No being to lend her a shoulder to wet with the streams in her eyes.
Her heart dies in silence with no melody to revive her.

She’s been, abused, spat on and enslaved to oppression.
She is trapped, confused and in need of an answer to the question,
Posed by the expression on her face,
Saying “when will I be free to live?”
For her vibe to respire has been taken on the corridors of silence
Where bitter feelings are awakened.

Steve Joshua Oghenekhogie
© 2018

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About the Author
The author; Poem deserted
Steve Joshua Oghenekhogie is a 20-year-old Poet, spoken word artist, fine artist and a singer, studying Linguistics and French language at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He started poetry in 2015 and has developed groundbreaking affection for poetry.

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Facebook; Steve Joshua Oghenekhogie
Email: joshuaoghenekhogie

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