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Poem:- Careful But Not Too Careful by Tayoluyis

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Poem:- Be Careful But Not Too Careful by Tayoluyis

Don’t obviate the heart
of that it wants
Or assent the noise
For what is not

Don’t digress the chat
From who you pet
Some drift like cat
Like so they bet

Don’t condone the flock
Like so they go
Some have lost the luck
For them, it’s a goal.

Don’t chastise the voice
That soothes your glow
Or tamper the noise
That rocks your flow

Play not if you can’t dance
To the irregular tune of affection
You could end up in a trance
Much worst than an infection

BUT, Never NO if you want it badly
Sometimes, chère love can be costly
Life is disappointedly un peu short
To waste time fixing bolts and nut.

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