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Story Lovers; Titled: My Dream, Vol 2, Chapter 4 by Fapohunda Bolanle.

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Story Lovers; Titled: My Dream, Vol 2, Chapter 4 by Fapohunda Bolanle.

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Many days had passed and the relationship between Princess Judith and Grace kept derailing drastically. Even though Grace was still her personal attendant, she was no better than a mere slave because the princess kept her distance from her and was beginning to look at her with great and obvious contempt. Grace kept feeling uncomfortable around the princess, but had no power to save herself as she was a slave.

Students of a renowned secondary school from a distant city came on an excursion to the palace. They had learnt that Dutch was a very beautiful village which was more beautiful than most cities, and the palace was one of the greatest in the world. The students in their pink and wine uniform were going round the palace under the supervision of their well dressed teachers.

First, they visited the palace court, and proceeded to the royal quarters. Princess Judith, coming out of her palace caught sight of the students. They looked lively and seemed to be enjoying themselves. She loved their uniform, especially the short skirts of the girls.

She decided to go to the city for two days, taking permission from the king. Her trip to the city would help her escape the tension she had been facing in the palace and enjoy herself freely for the two days. She made her way to the court, she met the king in the middle of a meeting with the ministers.

The king, seeing the princess, immediately gave her audience. She walked past the ministers and stood in front of the king. “What has brought my princess to the court?” he asked smiling at the princess. The princess asked for the permission to leave the palace for the city for two days. The king, afraid that harm might come to his daughter was reluctant at first, but seeing her desperation, he agreed and assigned body guards who would follow her to the city.

Miracle’s father, the Minister of Finance, who was present in the court immediately asked for the king’s permission for his son, Miracle to accompany the princess on her journey, as he wished that his son would get close to the princess.

Hearing this, the princess was greatly pleased, she immediately agreed to it. She would finally have her undisturbed time with Miracle alone outside the palace. The king therefore sent words to Miracle to prepare for his departure with the princess the following day. As it was the order of the king, Miracle had no choice but to agree to follow the princess. The king ordered that an entire hotel be reserved for the princess and her entourage.

When they got to the city the following evening, they headed for the hotel. The princess picked a room next to Miracle’s. She soon decided to visit one of the finest clubs in that city, the body guards following and Miracle beside her. When they got to the club, she was excited, exactly the relief and escape she wanted from the palace. The many coloured lights looked beautiful, she saw people dancing freely, dressed freely and drinking freely. She moved to the midst of the people dancing and danced to her heart’s content.

After dancing, she decided to take few cups of alcohol. She offered Miracle a cup, but he, feeling a little uncomfortable would only take a sip. Soon, Princess Judith consumed a great amount of alcohol and became drunk that when Miracle would notice her, her head was already on her cup of alcohol on the table.

Miracle carried her and headed for the hotel. He took her to her room and carefully laid her on her bed. As he was about to take his leave, the princess held his hand and pulled him back to sit on the bed. Under the influence of alcohol, she began to speak.

She told him of how much she envied Grace and have come to hate her. Grace seemed to be better than she was and had things go her way easily compared to the princess, which seemed to make the princess develop jealousy towards her. She also made mention of the pit and how unfortunate Grace came in contact with the pit.

Miracle kept listening carefully in silence to all the princess was revealing under the influence of alcohol. He kept imagining how hard life would have been for Grace. “I wish she just disappears…” she said and started sobbing. Miracle kept staring at her and listening silently when the princess leaned towards him and kissed him. He was startled as he swiftly made his way out of the room.

He returned to the palace immediately. When he got to the palace, he went to Grace’s quarters. Grace, however, who just finished her day’s duty seemed to be tired. She was surprised to see Miracle at that time of the night. “Miracle?…What are you doing here at this hour?” she said and ushered him in. Miracle remained silent for some minutes before he began to speak.

He told Grace everything that happened with the princess without mentioning to her what the princess said about her and the pit. Grace asked “What if you get punished for leaving the princess all by herself in the city?” Miracle looked at her and said “I don’t care. She has her bodyguards, i’m not one. I wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place.”

After his words, Miracle sighed, moved closer to Grace and said “I love you Grace…I can’t do this anymore..I can’t hide it anymore…” Grace became dumbfounded, they kept staring into each other’s eyes.

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© Fapohunda Bolanle

About The Author

My Dream

The author; Fapohunda Bolanle.

Fapohunda Bolanle Busola is a 400 level student of Classics department, University of Ibadan. She is a fine artist, footballer and a writer with particular interests in Prose and Drama.

IG: fapbolchris
Facebook: Fapohunda Omobolanle Christianah

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Story Lovers; Titled: My Dream, Vol 2, Chapter 4 by Fapohunda Bolanle


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