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Learn German With Una Reina, E08 – German expressions Used In Everyday Conversation

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Heute ist schon hier!

Wir haben eine andere Gelengeheit, Deutsch zu lernen und sprechen!

Ja, Wie geht es Ihnen heute? Fur mich ist alles in Ordnung! Ich bin glucklich!! Ja, ich bin Una Reina mit Deutsch!

Last session, we had a wonderful time while we learn the nominative case of the German pronouns and the conjugation of the verb “sein”, to be. You can still view it HERE

Today, we’ll be learning a few German expressions that one can use in everyday conversation.

German expressions

Just like English, German has many idioms, or expressions typical of a language and culture.

You should know that translating an idiom word for word might make them loose meanings or sound obscure or just silly.

Here are few german expressions you should know.

N/B : The words written in brackets are pronunciation aid

German expressions

✔ Ich liebe dich (isch liibe disch) – I love you. This is one of the commonest words you learn and hear when you learn any language.

✔ Fertig (fErtish) – ready or finished. This can either be used as a question fertig? Or as a statement fertig!.
With the knowledge of previous lesson, you should be able to say I am ready with the conjugation of the verb “sein”, to be.

✔ Prima (pree-ma), Klasse (klasse), Toll (tOl) – Great!. This is often used when you’re fascinated with an event or when you want to express your feelings.

✔ Genau (genaw) – exactly or precisely. This can be used when you tell someone you agree to what he/she is saying.

✔ Es tut mir leid (Es toot mir light) – I am sorry. Often used when you apologize for something.

✔ Quatsch (kwvach) – nonsense! This expresses how silly one is.

✔ Einverstanden (aynferschtanden) – agreed or okay.

✔ Vielleicht (feeliecht) – maybe or perhaps.

✔ Eventuell (EventooEl) – maybe or possibly. It can be used alone in a statement.

✔ Wie bitte? (vee beette) – I beg your pardon or what did you say?

✔ Das macht nichts (das maKht nischts) – never mind or that’s ok. Literal meaning is „that is nothing“

✔ Nicht der Rede wert (nischt der Rayde veRt) – don’t mention it.

✔ Schade (shahde; a tush pronounciation of the Yoruba name Shade) – too bad or what a pity!

✔ So ein Pech (zoh ayn Peck) – bad luck!
Bis dann (bis dAn) – see you then.

✔ Bis bald! (bis bAlt!) – see you soon.

✔ Echt (escht) – really?

✔ Das ist ein Katzensprung (dAs isst ayn katsenshproong) – it’s a stone’s throw away.

✔ Du nimmst mich auf den Arm (du nimst misch howf den Arm) – you are pulling my legs.

✔ Schlafen wie ein Murmeltier (schlAfen vee ayn moormelteer) – sleep like a dog.

✔ Ich bin fix und fertig (isch bin fix oont fertish) – i am wiped out or i am exhausted.

✔ Wo sich Fuchs und Hase gute Nacht sagen (voh zisch fooks oont hahze goohte nacht zahgen) – in the middle of nowhere.

I’m pretty sure you’ve added to your German. With this few german expressions , you should be able to say one or two things

Bis dann!


German expressions
Akinlawon Adebola, also known as una reina is a native of Ogun state Nigeria. A student of University of Ibadan, a translator (English, French and or German languages), a tutor, poet & writer.


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