Learn Portuguese With Jummy, E04 – Basic Portuguese Expressions

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Basic Portuguese Expressions with Jummy!

Olá! queridos (Hi!, dearies).

Good to be back. Hope we are all doing great?

I guess it’s a sim(yes)

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Basically, our lesson for today is going to be on the quotidian expressions we use or better still, basic Portuguese expressions which we use on special occasions.

For example, birthday celebrations and the likes.

May we kick off?

N/B : Note that the words written in [this bracket] are the english meaning.

Basic Portuguese expressions

Basic Portuguese expressions

✔ Feliz Natal (pronounced as faliz nathaw) The “a” in faliz is pronounced as in the “a” in “fake” [Merry Christmas]

✔ Feliz Domingo (pronounced as faliz domeango) [Happy sunday]

✔ Parabéns! (pronounced as parabens) Both “a” are pronounced as in the “a” in “pass”.[Congratulations!/ Happy birthday]

✔ Feliz Aniversário (pronounced as faliz aniversario) [ Happy birthday]

✔ Muita Felicidade (pronounced as muita felicidage) [ Much happiness/ felicity]

✔ Feliz Páscoa (pronounced as faliz pascoa) [Happy Easter]

✔ Feliz Ano Novo (pronounced as faliz ano novo) [Happy new year]

✔ Sexta-feira Santa (pronounced as sexta-feyra santa) [Good Friday]

✔ Cuidado (pronounced as quedado) [Take care]

✔ Não se preocupe (pronounced as noun si preocupi) [ Don’t bother]

✔ De nada (pronounced as ge nada) [ You are welcome/ It’s nothing], use as a response to an appreciative gesture.

✔ Bem-vindo (pronounced as ben- vindo) for a male guest and bem-vinda (pronounced as ben-vinda) for a female guest. [Welcome]

✔ Não se fala (pronounced as noun si fala) [Don’t mention]

✔ Que pena? (pronounced as qui pena) “e” pronounced as in the “e” in “penalty”[ What a pity?]

✔ Desculpe / Desculpa(pronounced as disculpi/a) [ Sorry]

✔ Me desculpe/ Me desculpa (pronounced as mi disculpi/a) [ I am sorry/ Forgive me]

✔ Estou atrasado (masculine) (pronounced as istou atrazado) / Estou atrasada (feminine) (pronounced as istou atrazda ) [I am late]

✔ É bem cedo (pronounced as é ben cedo) Both “e” pronounced as in the “e” in “earth”[It’s very early]

✔ Durma bem (pronounced as durma ben) [Sleep well]

✔ Bom apetite (pronounced as bon apetiti) [Good appetite]

Thanks for your audience, i believe our learning process today was an efficient one. See you next class ( Até a próxima aula). Tchau tchau!

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