OUR LADIES AT NIGHT by Oladeji Popoola

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Our Ladies at Night by Oladeji Popoola

You meet them during the day, you don’t need to stress yourself to identify them.

Their mode of dressing and working like a little demon will delineate their innate character and their erroneous egoism.

They are the Miss Gorgeous of the world. God really perfected His work on them. I believe they are created specially, and with their physique thoroughly painted with beauty.

Their gorgeous appearance can cause a man brain to be demented and the testosterone to be fully activated. But instead of them keeping their gift of nature, they commend the Creator back by putting their body shape into exhibition.

They put on clothes that make them half naked or completely naked under a deep mental evaluation. Some even litter the street, put on rags like a mad person whose state of well being had gone beyond counselling approaches but rather a complete psychiatric rehabilitation, so appalling. It is becoming blatant that evolution is taking us back to the Era of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

The holy book has it that Adam and Eve dwelt in the Garden of Eden naked with no shame and after they were sent out from the garden they were both conscious of their nakedness and this initiate the idea of covering and protecting the body but now it is indisputable that some ladies prefer roaming the street only with pant and underwear without shame.


When you meet them at night either in a prayer gathering or vigil they are the Miss Holy. They dress decent, they are high in spirit, they shout exasperatedly like a croaking toad.

They are the Righteous sinners. If you have them as friends, counsel them righteously. If you have them as blood-related, do all your best to retrieve them and never let them remain in such awful realm. Tutor them with sermons. Bring them back to senses with herbs of words garnish with a condiment called reality.

Tell them the creator made them the salt and honey of existence and what they need is to change their wrong orientation and use their beauty to express the quality of feminine like our heroes.

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Oladeji Popola, on a moon night crooner, twilight, impending warfare, attitude, hornet on a country road, ladies at night crooner.

The Author; Oladeji Popola

My name is Popoola Oladeji Abdullahi. I am a 200 level student of the department of Aquaculture and Fisheries Management, faculty of Renewable and Natural Resources, University of Ibadan.

I like to express my emotion and thought in poetic form and I love to learn through the creative work of others.

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OUR LADIES AT NIGHT by Oladeji Popoola


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