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Story Lovers; Titled: My Dream, Vol 2, Chapter 6 by Fapohunda Bolanle.

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Story Lovers; Titled: My Dream, Vol 2, Chapter 6 by Fapohunda Bolanle.

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Walking outside the palace through the market square, Grace and Miracle seemed to be engrossed in their discussion that they kept laughing out loud. Miracle was giving her the gist about his experience abroad.

“Believe me, you’d love it there” he said and giggled. “I wish to go there someday…even though right now nothing is clear in my life. Everything is a mess” Grace said and smiled softly. Miracle looked at her as her words struck him and assured her that things would be fine soon.

As they were discussing and laughing, Tony appeared. “Hey! What are you doing here?” Grace said as she saw Tony. “We need to talk” Tony said immediately as he held Grace’s hand and attempted to pull her.

Miracle, however, felt offended as Tony came all of a sudden and began to drag Grace away from him. He took hold of Grace’s other hand and said in a firm voice “Excuse me, she is not moving away from here. Let go of her and go your way” Tony scoffed in disagreement and continued to insist on taking Grace away.

As she couldn’t bare the scene the two noble men were creating over her in the public place, she immediately released herself from their grip to call their attention and said “Come on! You two should stop being childish and understand each other as adults…” she told Tony to apologize to Miracle for dragging her from him without an excuse and also explained to Miracle that she would only go and have a word with Tony and return to him soon.

She went a little further with Tony while Miracle was waiting for her to return. While waiting, Miracle suddenly noticed someone disappearing among the crowd who seemed to have been watching them. He followed him as he cut across another street to a certain inn. He kept following the man as he saw him talking to someone who was in disguise. He returned to Grace and Tony and told Grace to be careful as she was being watched. Afterwards, they left for the palace.

In the evening, Grace was carrying out her duty in the princess’s quarters when she sighted a female royal guard who came for a special assignment at the princess’s quarters and was about to leave. The royal guard looked really appealing to her as she was smartly dressed in her uniform. Just then, she saw the face of the royal guard and was astonished.

“Timi!” she called out and the royal guard turned to her direction. As soon as their eyes met, they ran towards each other and hugged. They were both excited and surprised to see each other at the palace.

The last time they saw each other was when Grace was about to be sold at the brothel. Timi told Grace how she ended up in the palace. She was sold to a rich man as a household slave, but shortly after, the man died and most of his slaves were emancipated. She, however, was lucky to be one of them.

After her freedom from slavery, she decided to take up an opportunity that was open in the palace as a royal guard. “How have you been coping?” she asked Grace as she was curious about her. It seemed to her that luck was not on Grace’s side as she was still a slave. Grace sighed at the question.

Timi noticed the troubled countenance of Grace and became worried. She compelled Grace to tell her what was troubling her. Grace therefore narrated her ordeals to her. She was dumbfounded at the story she just heard. Grace told her that she was determined to get back her throne immediately.

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© Fapohunda Bolanle

About The Author

My Dream

The author; Fapohunda Bolanle.

Fapohunda Bolanle Busola is a 400 level student of Classics department, University of Ibadan. She is a fine artist, footballer and a writer with particular interests in Prose and Drama.

IG: fapbolchris
Facebook: Fapohunda Omobolanle Christianah

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Story Lovers; Titled: My Dream, Vol 2, Chapter 6 by Fapohunda Bolanle


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