December Poetic Voyage; Day30, titled – LIONS IN THE SOCCER JUNGLE by DaXquizit.

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December Poetic Voyage; Day30, titled – LIONS IN THE SOCCER JUNGLE by DaXquizit.

(For my love for s⚽ccer)


The skilful guru Jay Jay Okocha,
Though not related to Okorocha,
Dribbled a whole team by his skills-
Defenders dread his touch that kills.

5 Kanu Nwakwo the popular Papilo:
A great soccer icon, not a ‘jambito’;
A feather in the ‘Eighteen-the Box’
Fetching penalties – one of his works.
The world’s soccer GOAT, Edson Pelé

10 His cuts fall opponents, he says ‘pele’.
Many mouths proclaim him the soccer king
For brilliant goals from almost every wing.
The legendary Diego Maradona
Dribbles to left, right and diagonal.

15 His ‘Hand-of-God’ goal and dexterity
Gave him the status of a celebrity.
The wing wizard Cristiano Ronaldo
May be a Christian, I don’t know!
The world believes he is magical

20 For he’s scored goals so classical.
The French legend Zinedine Zidane-
Left-foot volleyed winner and other gains.
How can we forget your World Cup headbutt
That made your team lose the bonnet for boot?

Soccer is jungle #Daxquizit

25 Great Lev Yashin, the Black Spider
A record-breaking Number One ever:
The only Ballon d’Or-winning keeper
And incredible one-fifty penalties saver.
The Irish isn’t just a nominal George Best

30 He’s certainly one of the judges’ best.
Don’t ever think it’s his beautiful name
That has taken him to the Hall of Fame.
The Atomic Flea, supernatural Messi
His leg-overs and kicks have no mercy.

35 His football career lives In Barca
Bringing the team much ‘al-bar’ka’.
The deadliest striker, Gerd Müller
Has made Bayern a soccer ruler.
His Jersey Thirteen goalscoring charm

40 Brought bountiful harvest from soccer farm.
The British cultural icon David Beckham
Had done many goalies their best harm.
Soccer knows him as a super star
Entertainment calls him a mega star..

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©Oyesomi O. Emmanuel (DaXquizit™)


Oyesomi O. Emmanuel, fondly called DaXquizit, is a product of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Studies Education, and The Polytechnic Ibadan, with a National Diploma certificate in Public Administration.

He’s a writer, an editor, an administrator, an autodidactic English Language teacher/tutor, and a keen lover of football and music as well as visual and creative arts generally, and particular obsession in poetry.

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December Poetic Voyage; Day30, titled – LIONS IN THE SOCCER JUNGLE by DaXquizit.


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