December Poetic Voyage; Day29, titled – PROFESSIONALISM by DaXquizit.

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December Poetic Voyage; Day29, titled – PROFESSIONALISM by DaXquizit.

If, before the profession you choose,
Compatibility and passion not major tools,
You’ll be like a man with the title ‘Awodi’
Who has carrying-a-chick as allergy.

5 If you wish to be a naval officer
But have strong phobia for water
You may finally get that offer
But will be food for Mami-water.
You are called a trained teacher

10 But can’t use chalk or marker.
Why not being a footballer
Who needs them not like Kaka?
He called himself a barber;
I asked for the style, Obama.
Professionalism #Daxquizit

15 All my friends begin to wonder
If it was done by a carpenter.
If, a great poet, one proves to be
Even if one’s called while one sleeps
For poetic contest, like Spelling Bee

20 One’s golden pen should roll like lips.
Know ye everyone, therefore:
Man must profess what he believes,
Less he dissolves like sulphur;
And be detested like mere faeces.

NB: ‘Awodi’ is the Yoruba name for the hawk, which is peculiarly known for hunting (carrying) chicks.


Omotayo Olatunde Ogunkanmi (T’Flo Media)* – The last stanza.

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©Oyesomi O. Emmanuel (DaXquizit™)


Oyesomi O. Emmanuel, fondly called DaXquizit, is a product of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Studies Education, and The Polytechnic Ibadan, with a National Diploma certificate in Public Administration.

He’s a writer, an editor, an administrator, an autodidactic English Language teacher/tutor, and a keen lover of football and music as well as visual and creative arts generally, and particular obsession in poetry.

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December Poetic Voyage; Day29, titled – PROFESSIONALISM by DaXquizit.


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