December Poetic Voyage; Day04, titled – TO THE UNKNOWN LAND by DaXquizit.

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December Poetic Voyage; Day04, titled – TO THE UNKNOWN LAND by DaXquizit.

In the journey to the land,
You set out to the park,
No knowledge of where to land,
Nor when, nor where to park.

In the journey to the land,
Making choice is integral part.
None of where to be found,
Nor driver by whom to depart.

In the journey on the land
No one lives as an island
Yet everyone with his load
Down down the dusty road.

In the journey on the land
You settle a lot of bills.
And after toiling with the hand
You achieve a lot of wills.

Unknown land

In this journey of life
There are periods of strife
And whenever the strifes cease
There arrives atmosphere of peace.

At morning, your guides give the drive
From noon, you are left to glide and dive
At some spots, co-travellers join your bus
But separation at everyone’s terminus.

Every day, celebrations; great arrival of many
On transit found the formation of firm ties
Daily, mournings accompany departure of many
At terminus, hearts weep with ‘Good byes’.

No sage can dispute certain facts:
This journey is not of no return
No one knows when comes his turn
Rewards are for all travellers’ acts.

To the land, all came with nothing
Fate serves some with silver spoon
Fate serves some with earthen spoon
But no one goes back with something.

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©Oyesomi O. Emmanuel (DaXquizit™)


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The author, poet, daXquizit

Oyesomi O. Emmanuel, fondly called DaXquizit, is a product of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Studies Education, and The Polytechnic Ibadan, with a National Diploma certificate in Public Administration.

He’s a writer, an editor, an administrator, an autodidactic English Language teacher/tutor, and a keen lover of football and music as well as visual and creative arts generally, and particular obsession in poetry.

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December Poetic Voyage; Day04, titled – TO THE UNKNOWN LAND by DaXquizit.


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