Check out this romantic poem “EKENE” by Sammysam

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Dedicated to Eze Ekene Janet

The sound of your name is like the orchestra sound,

It’s a sound that is melodious to my ear,

It makes my heart aglow,
Your appearance is like the rising sun of Ile-Ife where Ife(love) reside,

Your beauty spread like the summer sky of Anambra,
Your eyes are lucid as the Great Omabala river,

The thought of you like a stagnant water in my heart,
Bury me in the inner part of your heart,
Am addicted to you,

I value you more than riches and fame,
You touch my heart and soul,
Want to spend a life time with you,
Because I cannot live without you,
I swear that’s true,

Let mountains fly away like eagle,
And the sky fall like rain,
Even one litre of petrol be N500,
My love for you will know no recession,

Oh Ekene!
The sweetest name on my lips.


Ajayi samuel fondly known as Sammysam is a student of Obafemi Awolowo University from English department . He started writing in 2012 and has written over 30 poems.Sammysam is the founder of Sammysam foundation.

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