My dream

Story Lovers; Titled: My Dream, Vol 2, Chapter 11 by Fapohunda Bolanle.

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Story Lovers; Titled: My Dream, Vol 2, Chapter 11 by Fapohunda Bolanle.

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Princess Judith stayed unconscious through the night at the place where she was dumped by Timi and Tony. At dawn, the sounds of chirping birds and cracking woods woke her as she opened her eyes slowly. When her eyes were finally widely opened, she became conscious of the strange environment and she got up swiftly. Looking around the bush in fear, she struggled to find an escape route and discovered that she was close to the palace gate. Sobbing, she made her way to the palace gate.

Entering through the gate, the breeze that welcomed her was quite dreadful and unfriendly. She inhaled uneasiness as she started shivering as though she was cold. She felt the urge to scream out her fears but no-one seemed to be paying attention to her.

The atmosphere seemed tensed. Commotion everywhere. Soldiers positioned everywhere. She was still trying to figure out what was going on as a group of six soldiers approached the gate, locked the gate and took positions there.

She stood motionless wondering what could be wrong in the palace. “Oh right…I was missing. That must be the reason for the commotion” she thought. And on a second thought she noticed the situation did not seem as though they were looking for someone, as nobody took cognizance of anybody as they were all tensed. She made her way through the commotion towards the court.

Getting near the court, she saw a crowd of people dressed in black, kneeling and wailing in front of the court. It seemed as though they were mourning – mourning a royalty as it appeared.

Her face grew cold, her thighs lost their strength as her legs began to shake. Even though she knew nothing of what was happening, the dark feeling hovering over her made a tear roll down her cheek. Slowly she moved towards the crowd of people mourning. Just then, she heard someone cried in a distorted voice, “Oh His Majesty…!”.

She looked towards the man, got hold of his cloth and pulled him up. Trying to make her voice as calm as she could, even though her heart was about to burst, she asked “What happened to His Majesty?” Her red eyes boring through the man’s eyes. The man could not but kept crying as she let go of his cloth and hurried into the court.

Entering the court, she saw her mother, the queen, sitting on the floor in the middle of the court, looking lost into thin air. She seemed to have lost all her energy in crying. Princess Judith did not want to believe all the bad thoughts sweeping through her mind. She moved closer to her mother who said nothing for some minutes and finally said, “He had a heart attack”. Immediately, as though blood stopped flowing through her veins, she felt a sharp headache. She hoped she had heard wrongly. She stood up, looked round the court and sat back. Her mother drew her close and hugged her.

“He had been concealing the sickness for so long…until he heard the news of your abduction, and that was it…the heart attack… “ the queen said and burst out into tears. Princess Judith who had been holding her tears also burst out crying immediately. After a long hour of crying, she asked to see the corpse of her father, but was not allowed to see it. According to the custom of their land, the king’s body was not meant to be kept for over two days before it was buried. However, the king was buried and they held funeral for him throughout the whole village.

Great darkness befell the princess. Her enmity with Grace became stronger as she felt Grace was responsible for the death of her father. Hadn’t Grace kidnapped her, the king wouldn’t have had a heart attack – she felt.

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© Fapohunda Bolanle
About The Author
My Dream
The author; Fapohunda Bolanle.

Fapohunda Bolanle Busola is a 400 level student of Classics department, University of Ibadan. She is a fine artist, footballer and a writer with particular interests in Prose and Drama.

IG: fapbolchris
Facebook: Fapohunda Omobolanle Christianah

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Story Lovers; Titled: My Dream, Vol 2, Chapter 11 by Fapohunda Bolanle


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