6 Ways To Avoid Having A Carryover In School; A Must Read For Freshers

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6 Ways To Avoid Having A Carryover In School; A Must Read For Freshers

Carryover is not a pleasant thing. It is a factor that stretches your duration at the school and also increase your expenses. When one has a carryover, he gets an extra year (especially if the course is a core course) and he has to pay another school fees for the incured extra year.

Carryover is simply defined as a factor that makes you spend an extra year or years in school as the case may be. It may be caused by different factors. Maybe, failing a core course in your department, failing a general compulsory course like GES or GNS, not having a complete required total units and this mostly dawn on final year students who say they don’t want to register too much courses.

Another factor that could make one have a carryover is being involved in activities which is against the school management. Let me use my school for an example (University Of ibadan). In UI, people who are involved in activities that disrupt the school activities, fights and others are always served letters by the Students Disciplinary Committee (SDC) during which eventually they get extra years a sort of like a carryover.

Moving on, most causable factor of a carryover is exam failure. Carryover is not any way appealing but quite appalling and this is why you need to fight against having it. As a student, you will always have a minimum mark to obtain altogether in your tests and exams which may be over 100. If you don’t meet up with minimum required score, it’s likely you have a carryover.

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Wrapping it all (before I move on to the 6 Ways To Avoid Having A Carryover In School) , the core factor is that you should be serious with what what you’re doing and know the son of whom you are!


These Are The 6 Ways To Avoid Having A Carryover In School


This may sound more like a burden to stalites students who knows that registering more courses than the required units is stressful.

For science students, you can still do well my maintaining your required units, but for Art students and others, it’s advisable you have at least 3 extra units to the total required units.

For example, if you need a total unit of 37, find extra 3 unit course and make it 40. The reason is in case you fail a particular borrowed course, that 3 unit you borrowed would be able to fill the gap. But if that 3 unit is not there, that means a carryover to 200L.

Don’t see adding extra courses as a problem, look at the advantages.. It can even boost your GP .. Gbera levelz.


It is not possible for you to attend all classes except if you’re useless.. Those were the words of my phonetics teacher in University of Ibadan, Dr Demola Lewis.

As much as it is not possible for you to attend all classes, make sure you don’t give yourself any formed excuses not to attend classes. Because during classes, a lot of things are told and shared which is a very contributing factor to understanding.

Also not being in class, lectures might decide to give an impromptu test and they might also give out exam-like questions and if you’re not in class, you’re just missing a whole lot.

3.) Always do your tests & assignments perfectly.

Your given tests and assignments should not be joked with, make sure you do it like your survival depends on it.

The reason being is that, when you do your assignments & tests well which are likely to be used for Continuous Assessment (CA), it means exam would be less burden. By the time you’ve already had 32 over 40 in CA, even if you had 20 IN exam eventually, you’ve scaled through.

Please, also note that there are also some courses that have their different passing score.


This is a very important aspect in school life. As a student, you might wanna be involved in the romantic and political aspect of the school. You know what? It’s allowed as far as you are able to balance and leverage it.

It is even important I tell you that one of those must not be higher than any other. Don’t even allow your academic life to be too high over your social and political life.. Na na na Na it’s not good.

Make sure you involve yourself in activities. Take part in politics, leadership positions, woo a lady; take it as a once in a lifetime.. Have fun, don’t be tied down by academics,, explore, involve and evolve and nevertheless don’t forget the balance factor.


When I say you should avoid getting into controversies with lectures what I meant is that don’t let lecturers put bad eyes on you, this could have a very negative effect on you if you allow it.

Instead, make friends with your lecturers.. Be friendly with them and have an amiable way of
communicating with them. If you’re a lady, don’t go and be doing gra gra to your lecturers or wearing indecent dressing or pushing yourself to them; they will devour you and still fail you.

Furthermore, make sure you don’t engage yourself in activities that lectures don’t appreciate like chewing gum, gisting in class, disturbing class and others.. It could make a lecturer detest you and he can stop you from writing his exam. Note, lecturers are powerful people in our tertiary setting here in Nigeria.

6.) Don’t join bad gang

Don’t go and join bad and those that don’t have future. Just like my Literature Teacher in Secondary School used to call them “No Future Ambition” (NFA)

Don’t join smokers league, drinkers club, club frequenters , Olosho market, especially secret cult because in the long run it would destroy you.

Yeah Yeah!!! Those are the listed 6 ways that I believe would help you avoid carryover or carryovers if you adhere to them.

Written by Jemiluyi Omotayo, Connect with me on instagram @tayoluyis and on twitter as @tayoluyis

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