2019 Nigeria Election Corner

2019 Nigeria Election Corner | These are the Latest Results so far.

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2019 Nigeria Election Corner | These are the Latest Results so far.

Welcome to the 2019 Nigeria Election corner. It is no longer news that voting has ended in all parts in Nigeria while in some areas, there have been reported cases of fuss and hassle consequential to thuggery action.

At Luyis Updates NG, we are monitoring closely the election and it’s outcome. This 2019 Nigeria Election corner is to keep concerned Nigerians informed on the verified results that have been released in various polls in Nigeria.

In accordance with the results that have been released and announced so far within our reach, we are equipping you with them at our 2019 Nigeria Election corner.

We implore you to bookmark this page as we will be refreshing and updating this post as we get more results released and verified to our 2019 Nigeria Election Corner.

2019 Nigeria Election Corner | These are the Latest Results so far.

1. President Muhammadu Buhari has won his polling unit, PU003 at Sarkin Yara ward A, in Daura, Katsina. He won with 523 votes while Atiku had only 3 votes.

2. Atiku has won in PU9, Ward 2, Abegunde/Sagbe, Ede North Local Government Area in Osun State. He won with 112 votes while Buhari got 67 votes.

3. PMB has won Atiku in the polling unit of Governor Ibrahim Dankwambo of Gombe State. He won with 453 votes while Atiku got 80 votes.

4. PMB has won in Ward1 PU 2, Iragbiji Boripe L.G, Osun Central. He won with 342 votes. PDP got 125 votes.

5. Atiku wins in Saraki’s polling unit with 219 votes. Buhari got only 68 votes.

7. Buhari wins in Nuhu Ribadu, the Director of Field Operations of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council.

8. Mr Sowore of AAC has won in his own polling unit. He scored 208 votes, Buhari of APC scored 82 votes while Atiku Abubakar of PDP scored 11 votes.

9. Buhari of APC has won in Government House Makurdi polling unit. He polled 125 as against the former’s 124.

10. Saraki wins his own polling unit with 219 votes.
PMB got 68 votes.

11. BUHARI wins ATIKU in Obansanjo’s Polling Unit with 87 votes. Atiku scored 18 votes.

12. Atiku wins in Saraki’s polling unit with 219 votes. PMB got 68votes.

13. Buhari wins in Ward 6, Oke- Osun, Ekiti South Senatorial District, Ekiti State with 1455 votes. PDP had 822 votes

14. Buhari wins in Kano South, Zinyau Ward, Rano Central with 1541 votes. Atiku had 572 votes

15. Buhari wins in WARD 15, ODORAGUNSIN, EPE, LAGOS EAST with 797 votes. PDP had 608 votes

16.Buhari wins in Ward 5, Ogbonjana, Ekiti South Senatorial District, Ekiti State with 1251 votes. PDP had 822 votes.

17. Buhari wins in Lagos East Senatorial District with 608 votes. Atiku had 301 votes.

18. Buhari wins in Ward 8, Saki West LGA, Oyo North Senatorial District with 1250 votes. Atiku had 575 votes.

19. Atiku wins in Abak Urban ward 3, unit 3 in Abak LGA, Akwa Ibom with 285 votes. PMB had 207 votes.

20. Buhari wins in Epe federal constituency, Lagos east ILARA WARD 13 with 946 votes. PDP had 55 votes.

21. Atiku defeats Buhari inside Presidential Villa with a total of 1,030 votes against the president’s 1017 votes.

22. Atiku wins in Ward 07, Idemo, Ikere LGA, Ekiti South Senatorial District, Ekiti State with 974 votes against PMB’s 933 votes.

23. Buhari wins in Ward 05, Ejidongari, Moro LG, Kwara North with 759 votes against Atiku’s 274 votes.

24. Buhari wins in Ward 17, Moro LG, Kwara North collation Centre with 973 votes. Atiku had 659 votes.

25. PMB wins in Alkali Mustapha polling unit 004 Kontagora LGA, Niger North senatorial district with 397 votes. PDP had just 32 votes.

26. Buhari wins in Sarkin Ruwa Polling Unit; code:006; LGA, Bauchi with 227 votes. Atiku had 58 votes.

27. Buhari again wins in Ward 3, Igele Arokun, Ekiti South Senatorial District with 865 votes. Atiku had 827 votes.

28. Atiku wins in Enugu East senatorial district: Awgu LGA (Ward 07, PU 005) Community Primary School with 114 votes. APC had just 12 votes.

29. PMB wins in Ceniyan ward (PU 11) Bida LGA Niger South, Niger State with 231 votes. Atiku had 107 votes.

30. Buhari wins in Ukana WEST Ward 2 UNIT 9 with a total of 1553 votes. Atiku had just 11 votes.

31. BUHARI wins in Ado-Ekiti Local government of Ekiti State with 34929 votes. Atiku had 20112 votes.

32. Atiku wins in Ekiti East local government of Ekiti State with 13125 votes. Buhari had 12826 votes.

33. Buhari wins in Atakumosa East, Osun State with 7899 votes. PDP had 6943 votes.

34. PMB wins in DAFCIYARI WARD,(009) Darazo LGA, Bauchi State with 1840 votes. PDP had 408 votes.

35. Buhari wins in YOBE SOUTH, Mamudo Ward, Fune Local Govt with 3,960 votes. PDP had 287 votes.

36. Buhari again wins in Gabarin Ward (003), Darazo LGA, Bauchi State with 3782 votes. PDP had 757 votes.

37. Buhari wins in YAUTARI WARD,(008) Darazo LGA with 1467 votes. Atiku had 381 votes.

38. APC wins in Lago ward,(005) Darazo LGA with 2,595 votes. PD had 519 votes.

39. ATIKU WINS in AWKA SOUTH LGA, ANAMBRA CENTRAL SD with 1968 votes. PMB had just 80 votes.

40. BUHARI wins in Ise/OrunLGA, Ekiti State with 14529 votes. PDP wins 4826 votes

41. BUHARI wins in Unit 20, Ward 2, Cornerstone Secondary School, Kòòmì Road, Sakí, Oyo state with 302 votes. PDP had 93 votes.

42. PDP wins in Bagarawa 02, Bodinga LGA, Sokoto South with 974 votes. APC had 579 votes.

As it seems, the incumbent President, Muhammadu Buhari, is leading at the polls with these few results we have so far.

If you have any result of your polls, please forward them to us with valid proof on WhatsApp via +2349053039770 or via my email here. You can also connect with me via my twitter handle @tayoluyis or my Facebook account.

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2019 Nigeria Election Corner | These are the Latest Results so far.


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