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10 Sure Tips To Prepare For JAMB 2018/2019 And Score Very High

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10 Sure Tips To Prepare For JAMB 2018/2019 And Score Very High

It is no longer news that the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) has already commenced registration for 2018 UTME Examination.

This is nevertheless why you should start planning now.

In case you don’t know, Statistics of this year could be a little higher because apart from people who are rewriting jamb again, there are also numerous fresh people who wants to experience JAMB.

In this article, I have listed 10 Sure Tips To Help you Prepare well For JAMB 2018 examination and if you follow it, you would have a very high score.

These Are The 10 Sure Tips To Help You Prepare For JAMB 2018/2019 And Score Very High

10 sure tips

1. Start your Reading NOW

YEAH! The first sure tips is to Start reading now. Never feel like “oh! is it not too early to start reading?”

Don’t wait till JAMB exam seems very near before you start running for your books. The best time to start preparing is now. I don’t mean tomorrow, I mean today, NOW.

Be careful of the evil of procrastination (postponing things to do). Dont give it in because of you do, you will keep postponing saying you will do this, you will do that and you might never end up doing it and that’s the more reason why you should START READING NOW!

If you start reading now you’re closer to scoring your 350 in JAMB.

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2. Create Your Personal Reading Time Table and Follow It Strictly.

Yeah! The next step to you getting that high mark in JAMB is to create your personal reading time table and follow it duly, diligently and strictly.

Remember, never take it for granted. You have a mission and you must remain focus and discipline of you want to achieve your set goal.

3. Know Your Weakness or Weaknesses And Work On Them.

It is no fallacy that no-one is perfect but our father in Heaven. Knowing your weakness or weaknesses and working on it helps to build and transform you to be a better and a candidate with believing prospects.

Your weakness could be anything. It could be a particular subject, not being able to keep to time, fear, anxiety or as it may be.

Take time to work on your weakness and spend more time on them. If it’s a particular subject like physics or literature, spend more time on the subject and change your mentality towards it. Develop amazing interest in it and you would find it easy.

4. While Working On Your Weakness, Never Forget Your Strength

Of course I said you should spend more time on your weakness but at the same time you should not leave your strength hanging.

Spending more time on doing physics, mathematics or literature should not sweep away all your concentration from other subjects.

Remember that no course is little. The subjects you know better or love should be the one to give you an edge over other subjects and you shouldn’t take them for granted.

Develop yourself more and more on them even as you focus on your weaknesses.

5. Make Use Of The Syllabus

Yeah, I did tell you to make use of syllabus. Please o, I didn’t say you should study the syllabus o but you should read along with the syllabus.

Knowing the syllabus of a subject opens the door of knowledge of where questions would be set from to you.

6. Don’t Dump The Recommended Textbooks.

During registration, you would be given recommended literary texts to read for USE OF ENGLISH.

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Make sure you read these texts well because unavoidable questions would be set form there.

If you study these texts well and if just 10 questions are asked from it, you should be able to score at least 9 even 10 is not impossible.

As far as you study and understand the texts, you would have no problem. And in fact, they are always interesting.

Last Days at Forcados for example is very interesting.. I can’t even remember how many times I read that book….

7. Treat Past Questions EVERY DAY.

Make sure you get JAMB past questions for all your chosen 4 subjects. You can always get them at the bookshop.

In case you don’t know, let me tell you; JAMB doesn’t have time to start setting new questions all over. They always repeat past questions and if you have been a diligent regular customer on past questions, you would realize that part of what you’ve once solved might peek out.

I remember last two years when I was writing mine, there was this particular page on register… I’ve treated it before in the past question and it all came out in the USE OF ENGLISH test. I was very glad… Trust me I nailed the mother****er

8. Attend Tutorials.

Sometimes you might have a lot of problems to solve. Going to tutorials will help you with all these.

So, if you have the dough, attending tutorial is a very nice step. You don’t have to go the expensive ones, there are always cheap ones around who are also doing well.

And if you know you’re not taught well in a tutorial you’re attending, pack your things and GO

9. Endeavour To Do Early Morning Reading.

Doing early morning reading is a very thoughtful and useful idea.

Waking up to read early in the morning is very good because your mind would be fresh and it will be very easy and quick to assimilate.

You can start with waking up around 4 oe 5 a.m and read for like two hours or any convenient hour.

It’s advisable that you read for at least 2 hours when you wake up in the morning.

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You could also read km the middle of the night too. If you’re the type that wake around 2 a.m or 3 a.m ; it’s perfect opportunity to take you Ed book again.

Remember you’re competing with thousands of other people so, you must really take this like a WAR if you really desire to pass in flying colors.

However, if you’re not the type that do morning reading or probably your body system doesn’t subscribe to it, no problem then.

10. Never Be Shy To Ask Questions

As a Jambite who wants to write jamb for the first time, there would be a lot of questions on your mind to ask.

Make sure you look for people who you know can provide answers to your questions and never be shy to ask them.

Asking questions is never a bad or a forward approach; asking questions is a very good idiosyncrasy.

So, if you have questions, drop them all in the comment box and we’ll respond to you shortly or you can also send us a message on our FACEBOOK PAGE

I hope you won’t take these sure tips for granted because they’ve been tested over time and worked.

So, I further implore you to make good use of these sure tips.

~ Written By Jemiluyi Omotayo

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